Gender – Male

Brief history – Behemoth were the second species created by Azrael after the first species, the Dragon, were considered too unruly for Heaven. Azrael kept five Dragons as pets but was forced to slay the rest. When his second species, the Behemoth, were made they were the most violent sentient species on Heaven. From the beginning of their creation, they waged war against the other species. Again, deemed too volatile for Heaven, the Seraph voted to terminate the Behemoth – or risk the possibility that their own species could be destroyed by them. With the help of the Grigori, they were ultimately saved by Uriel, who developed Elysium – a highly sophisticated computer network system. The Behemoth have become addicted to Elysium, specifically the game within called Elysian Fields. The game is true virtual reality and allows the Behemoth to satiate all their needs without physically harming anyone. They perform their duties during the working hours and spend the rest of their spare time in the Elysian Fields. The game has evolved over thousands of years and is now embedded into the Behemoth culture and way of life.

Height – 8ft

Weight – 240kg

Age – 40

Skin tone – Red / brown – various shades and hues between the two.

Hair – black hair, styled in the same way a Japanese samurai wears his top notch. Both male and female Behemoth wear long hair. Male Behemoth wear beards but cannot grow moustaches.

Horns – from small to large and everywhere in between, Behemoth sport a vast array of horns. The horns range in colour and shape, from small white ‘goat’ horns to long black ‘bull’ horns. They protrude out of the Behemoth’s forehead and can curve backwards or elongate forwards. Behemoth who commit minor crimes risk having their horns cut off. Serious crimes are punishable by death.

Eyes – small, slanted – mean looking. Range in colour from gold to red. Violet eyes are rare and usually hereditary, though they can skip several generations before reappearing again.

Ears – pointed ears, like that of an Elf from Lord of the Rings.

Mouth – down turned. A Behemoth grin looks more like a grimace. They have pointed teeth and are predominantly carnivores.

Demeanour – intimidating.

Body – thick set, barrel chested – big, muscular stomachs. Broad shoulders, huge muscular arms from toiling in the mines for hours on end. Powerful, muscular legs made for power lifting. Like a bear, the Behemoth can run very fast for short distances. Their necks are short and thick, their range of visibility is limited which is compounded by their poor eyesight from living underground.

Clothing – Gehenna, the home of the Behemoth, is kept at a constant temperature from the heating pipes that run throughout the vast underground cavern-cities. Above ground, the temperature falls below freezing all year round. Most Behemoth never travel above ground. They wear leathers to protect them from the falling debris when they’re mining ore. Behemoth wear patches on their leathers which represent which pact they belong to in the Elysian Fields. Heavy mining boots, black leather pants and a black sleeveless jerkin would be typical attire for the average Behemoth.

Accessories = A mining pick or a large rock hammer. Rings in ear lobes or through nose are common. Hands are free of rings for work reasons. Chains around neck are usually thick and denote status in the pacts. The rarer the material the chain is made from, the higher the status of the pact member.

Resembles – A sumo wrestler, demon, the Devil.

Inspirations – Orcs from World of Warcraft, the Charr from Guild Wars 2, Krogan from Mass Effect, Aman from TERA, Biker Gangs (Sons of Anarchy), Juggernaut/Thing/Hulk, Uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings.


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