Gender – Male

Brief history – The Grigori are a highly intellectual species ruled by Michael on the continent of Firdaus. Inventors, developers and programmers – the Grigori are technological geniuses, able to create complicated computers and applications with relative ease. The vast majority of the advanced technology used in Heaven has likely originated from Firdaus, made by the Grigori. Grigori are herbivores and are extremely eco-friendly. Their high rise apartments nestle into the giant forests of Firdaus seamlessly. They produce ultra-low emissions and recycle the majority of their waste in one form or another. Grigori are quite sociable and their services are often sought after by all the other species.

Height –5ft

Weight – 35kg

Age – 40

Skin tone – Grey – they look like the traditional grey aliens people are familiar with.

Head – Large – shaped like an upside down tear drop. Hairless.

Eyes – Large glassy black eyes with no whites. They never blink and have earned the nickname The Watchers due to this unsettling fact.

Mouth – Small mouth, similar to a humans.

Nose – barely protruding nose with large visible nostrils.

Demeanour – Superior and confident.

Body – Slim body, not a lot of muscle. Small, narrow shoulders, bony arms and legs. Their hands have three fingers and one opposable thumb. Their feet are slightly longer with an opposable toe on the very heel. They have three toes at the front and the bridge of their feet are broad. This allows the Grigori to move into a variety of positions with their overly large heads without losing equilibrium. The skin is soft and hairless. Grigori bodies are very similar to the body of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Clothing – Grigori wear hooded robes. The clothing is like a uniform that identifies the class the Grigori belong to. The colours will mimic martial arts belts, yellow or white being the lowest class and black being the highest class. Classes effect the types of employment you can get and the level of education likely have.

Accessories – Grigori wear a forearm communications device. A screen flips up on the armband which allows the Grigori to do a large number of tasks. They can communicate with one another, access their electronic devices, pay for goods, summon their airborne vehicles – the list goes on. Grigori carry daggers on the sash around their wastes.

Resembles – Traditional grey aliens.

Inspirations – Gollum (Lord of the Rings), Yoda (Star Wars), Monks, Japanese, E.T.


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