Gender – Male

Brief history – Humans travel more than any other species. They are explorers, traders and love adventure. They fly, sail and use dozens of different types of land transport to get around. Humans are the youngest sapient species in heaven. Like the Angels, they were created in Elohim’s image.

Height – 6ft

Weight – 85kg

Age – 35

Skin tone – tan, sun loved.

Hair – brown, short and styled. Neat beard and moustache.

Eyes – gentle, brown.

Mouth – wry grin.

Demeanour – boastful.

Body – broad shoulders, fit – workman’s physique.

Clothing – white loose shirt, billowy sleeves. Leather wrist cuffs. Rings on fingers. An ear ring. Thick leather belt and buckle. Brown pants. Knee length soft leather cowboy boots (no laces).

Accessories = Sword in scabbard, slung from belt. Maybe a knife strapped to his leg? If it looks too busy, then leave it out. Humans more commonly use straight edged weapons than curved weapons. Curved weapons are predominantly used by the satan.

Resembles – Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth

Inspirations – Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow), Treasure Planet (Disney), Firefly/Serenity (Malcom Reynolds), Star Wars (Han Solo), Guardians of the Galaxy (Star Lord), Indiana Jones, Final Fantasy (Balthier).


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