Gender – Male

Brief history – Leviathin are an aquatic humanoid species that live under the oceans of Heaven. Their numbers are immeasurable due to the vast amount of territory they cover. Conservative estimates predict approximately 60% of the sentient species on Heaven are Leviathin. Leviathin also live on land, however this is usually with the assistance of specially designed suits that inject a constant supply of water to their gills. Without the suits, Leviathin would only live for five to ten minutes before dying a painful death. Suit recharge points are located all over Heaven, even in the depths of Gehenna. Under the islands of Joukai, are vast cities where the bulk of the Leviathin have taken residence. The cities are impressive to behold and contain some of the finest architecture in Heaven. The ocean floor that the cities rest upon have been paved with ancient white tiles, which reflect solar lights, brightening the vast underwater depths for miles around.

Height – 6ft

Weight – 70kg

Age – 19

Skin tone – grey hues, murky shades of green and beige, white, pale blues.

Head – Males have small one inch fins on their heads that run from the top of their foreheads down to the back of their necks. Female Leviathin are bald.

Eyes – Round, large (twice that of a human) and slightly protruding outwards. They are green, yellow or red with a black pupil.

Mouth – Thick lips, slightly down turned. Pointed, sharp, narrow teeth.

Demeanour – illusive, shadowy.

Body – A Leviathin’s skin is made up of the same texture as that of a turtle. Their chest / torso area is a hardened shell, once again similar to the underbelly of a turtle. Their arms have retractable membrane, which they extend to help them glide through the water. Their hands and feet are webbed between the fingers and toes. Leviathin have three long, thick toes. They have three long thick fingers and two opposable ‘thumbs’ on either side of their fingers. The extra thumb on each hand allows a greater degree of control in the water.

Clothing – Leviathin males wear skin tight shorts, while female Leviathin wear a one pieces with shorts that run half way down their thighs. On land, the Leviathin wear their body suits, whereby their entire body is covered from neck to toe. Only their heads are left bare.

Accessories = Leviathin wear special suits whilst on land. The suits keep their bodies wet but leave the face uncovered. On the outside of the suit, they feel dry to touch. Leviathin wear communication braces on their wrists, similar to the ones worn by the Ziz. The braces have a range of functions, including teleconferencing and GPS. When hotspots on the bracers are tapped against each other, an electric charge is created, similar to that produced by an electric eel. The charge is usually enough to deter large predators in the ocean from picking a fight with the Leviathin. Leviathin often carry spears strapped to their backs. The charge from the bracers can be passed through to the spear.

Resembles – Abe Sapien (Hellboy)

Inspirations – Abe Sapien (Hellboy), Quarians (Mass Effect), Aquaman, Atlantis, China, marine life, The Little Mermaid, Gollum.


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