Gender – Male

Brief history – The Nephilim are a reclusive giant species that live long lives (up to 300 years). They are naturalists who regularly pay homage to nature. They are master craftsmen who have vast experience using their natural surrounds to provide for them. They only take from the land what they need and they always replenish what they take so future generations can benefit from the land around them. Nephilim build log cabin homes, which may sound simplistic but the homes are built with patience and love and often turn out to have exceptional build quality that lasts many generations. They hunt animals in the traditional ways of their elders, following tracks and using bow and arrow to bring down their prey. Nephilim honour is beyond reproach and a Nephilim will sacrifice all he has to keep his word. Nephilim also have very old fashioned relationships between the men and women. Women wear dresses, maintain the home and cook meals for the men. The men provide for the women. It is frowned upon for women to do tasks considered to be the responsibility of a male, and vice versa. Comparable to how men and women treated each other in the 1800s.

Height –11ft

Weight – 210kg

Age – 50

Skin tone – white. Nephilim culture heavily involves the use of tattoos. Tattoos tell others which family you’re from, the area of your heritage and key events in your life. Female Nephilim do not have tattoos.

Head – Male Nephilim have long, braided hair. They also have long drooping moustaches and thick beards. Female Nephilim have beautiful long hair.

Eyes – Same as a human, except green and amber eyes are far more common with the Nephilim than they are with the humans.

Mouth – A contented look.

Demeanour – proud and defiant.

Body – Nephilim are giants but they’re proportionately large and very athletic. A fat Nephilim is very rare to see, they work hard and their bodies reflect the exercise. No matter what your position or status may be in their culture, you are expected to work hard – so even the academically inclined Nephilim have strong physiques. Female Nephilim have hair on their heads and eyebrows / eyelashes but are devoid of any other hair on their bodies. Male Nephilim are hairy, with chests full of hair, long beards and moustaches. The males are also rugged looking, with big, rough hands and scars on their bodies from the arduous work they perform.

Clothing – Nephilim wear simple clothing made of leather, denim and other durable materials. They don’t like bright, fluorescent colours or anything that would draw unwanted attention to them. They favour purpose and functionality over style. Female Nephilim like to wear long dresses but aren’t embarrassed to show cleavage or their shapely figures. If you imagine the 1800 old west clothing styles, minus the hats – you’ll get a better feel for how they dress. Think of pioneers, miners, woodsmen and you’ll be in the right direction.

Accessories – May have an axe or other tool. A thick leather belt or leather apron. No gadgets or electronic devices.

Resembles – Asbjorn ‘Bear’ Riis (from The 13th Warrior), the Mountain (Game of Thrones), Druss (Legend), James Cosmo (Braveheart)

Inspirations – Barbarians (EverQuest), Barbarian (Diablo), Norn (Guild Wars), Alone in the Wilderness, Deadwood, Gimli & Dwarves (Lord of the Rings), Avatar, Wrestlers (Big Show, Kevin Nash, Kane, Undertaker).


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