Gender – Male

Brief history – The Satan are a militant species. Their leader, Sammael, is the only Seraph to directly lead his species. Sammael is referred to as the Eternal King by the Satan. The Satan have formed tribes all over their native home of Araboth. Araboth is a vast continent that ranges in diverse ecosystems, from hot deserts to tropical swamp land. The tribes are united under Sammael but infighting is common between the dozens of different tribes that make up Araboth’s populace. Illicit drugs are not illegal on Araboth and the drug trade brings a large amount of income to Araboth’s economy. The Satan species vary the most in terms of their appearance.

Height – 6ft

Weight – 80kg

Age – 30

Skin/Scales – The Satan have evolved their skin to adapt to their surroundings. Satan in the arid, dry environs have dark course scales like the monitor lizard. Satan in the wet marshes have thin, smooth skin like a frog. In the deserts, they have scales like a snake and many that live along the river delta have thick rough scales like a crocodile. The colour of their scales spans the full spectrum of greens, browns and tans as well as cream, red and soft yellow highlights. Black is also quite common however albino Satan (white with pink eyes) are considered uncommon. Some of the jungle Satan even have a connecting membrane between their rib cage and arms which allows them to glide considerable distances. All are masters of camouflage for their respective environment.

Head– Satan do not have hair but they do have distinctive ridges of scales that line their heads and brows. Some of the Satan in the arid environs have frills, that stay folded under their jaw line most of the time, like a beard. When irritated the frills can expand outwards. Rows of spiny scales can sometimes appear like a beard on the Satan as well. There are two different shapes of heads for the Satan, a round head and a flat, angular head. Satan with the flat angular heads often have long tails. Round head Satan do not have tails and are generally the more intelligent of the two variants.

Eyes – Round head Satan have large (three times larger than a human) oval eyes. They are golden, with a vertical black iris running down the centre.  Flat head Satan have smaller eyes, similar to a human. Their eyes range in colour and can be blue, violet, gold, yellow, amber and green.

Ears – No visible ears on the Satan.

Mouth – Satan have wide mouths. Their teeth are pointed and many Satan have retractable fangs. Some Satan have forked tongues, others have tongues that can extend outwards, like a frog. The majority have flat, broad tongues which can be dark blue, black or pink.

Demeanour – aggressive.

Body – lean with stringy muscle, like a marathon runner. Very little fat anywhere on their bodies. Round head Satan have long, powerful legs. They also have two thick fingers and one opposable thumb with skin that links their fingers together. They have six toes on each foot, webbed membrane joins each toe to allow them to move through the water faster. Flat head Satan have shorter legs. They have four fingers and one opposable thumb, with claws for fingernails.  Their feet are different to their round headed relatives, they have five toes, the smallest of which is further back on the outside of their feet. In this position, it provides greater balance to the Satan.

Tails – Flat head Satan have tails. They are broad like an alligators and ridged with bony spines covered with thick scales. The tails add increased balance to the Satan. To their detriment, the tails make them bottom heavy, which makes it harder for them to swim.

Clothing – The clothing worn by the Satan varies dependent upon the climate or region of the Satan. In general, they wear camouflage clothing, based heavily on current military designs. It’s lightweight but tough wearing. Flat head Satan wear pants that zip closed from the front, allowing their tail to move freely. The round head Satan wear military boots, laced up the middle. The flat head Satan wear specially made boots that accommodate the toes on the side of their feet. Satan are always immaculately dressed when in their uniforms. Razor sharp creases, straight badges and highly polished boots and buckles show the pride the Satan have in their uniforms.

Accessories = Satan carry curved daggers and every Satan that reaches adolescence is given a curved scimitar, which they carry everywhere. In Araboth, national service is mandatory for five years. Many remain in their Defence Force. Unlike a typical Defence Force, Araboth produce weaponry that is sold to other countries. The best is always kept for themselves. Other accessories you may wish to put on the Satan include: webbing, weapons belt with sheaths and leather pouches, leg straps for daggers, chest bandolier with daggers etc..

Resembles – Flat head Satan resemble Garrus from Mass Effect, round head Satan resemble the Troodon. (see below images)

Inspirations – Troodon, Garrus (Mass Effect), Iksar (EverQuest), snakes, lizards, crocodiles, frogs, dinosaurs, Nazi party, Japan circa WW2, North Korea.


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