The teleport system in Heaven was devised by the Seraph and the Grigori. Every nation in Heaven helped build and install it. It was created thousands of years ago. Initially, only one teleporter was installed for each of the capital cities, but over the many years that followed the system took on upgrades and became smaller and smaller until every town had one, then most wealthy homes, businesses and public buildings. Tian was the only continent to not embrace the system, preferring their old methods of transport.


How it works


Teleporters are a lot like 3D printers, except they recreate internal as well as external components. When you walk inside the device, a complete scan and x-ray is conducted. It is the atoms that are copied by the device. As each atom has it’s own unique identification, it is impossible to duplicate the atom. Rather, the atoms are ‘relocated’ for want of a better term. They are deconstructed at sending point then reconstructed at the receiving end. The atoms are sent through the Elysium, which is Heaven’s advanced form of our internet. The atoms reappear at the other end in real time, there is no delay.


For a passenger, one simply walks into a large device that is very much like an elevator, they input their destination on a control panel (like Google Maps). A timer tells them how long it will be before the teleport will take place and a green light indicates when it’s ready. The passenger simply presses a button and they immediately arrive inside the receiving teleporter nearest to their destination. If someone is inside a the teleporter at the receiving end, the light remains red and the teleport cannot take place. It must be clear for the teleport to occur.


In large cities where teleporting is common, rows of send and receive teleporters are located at the Teleport Hubs.


Size of teleporters


There are a range of teleporters and they all vary in size. The largest teleporter can move heavy machinery and aircraft. Demountable homes have even been put through the largest teleporters. They can move any object, regardless of it’s size – provided three things:

  1. The scanners inside are large enough to accommodate the transfer,
  2. Sufficient power is available and
  3. The receiving teleporter is large enough to reconstruct the object.


Smaller home teleporters are about the size of a microwave. They have a range of uses, one of which is moving food. Orders can be placed on the Elysium to local stores, the objects are then delivered to your teleporter – removing any requirement to leave the home for basic necessities.




Teleporters are relatively cheap. By comparison, to have your food delivered would cost the equivalent of a stamp. To move yourself from one location to another, would cost the same as local area bus fair. Moving large objects costs an equivalent amount via teleport as it would to move it via old fashioned means. For example, moving large machinery would likely cost the equivalent of several thousand dollars.


Historical problems


In the early days, the teleporters faced innumerable problems. The coordinates would sometimes get corrupted and people and objects would end up in remote places with no means of getting back home. These were ironed out by the Grigori over the years and the system is now very accurate with 0.0001% error (which even then is due to a power failure elsewhere and not the machine itself).


Teleporters once suffered an online attack where a virus caused them to jumble up the atoms from various machines operating at the same time. This resulted in many deaths. As an example, half the atoms from one human merged into half the atoms from a satan – the incompatibility of the reconstruct destroyed both beings. This was swiftly resolved by the Grigori who implemented fail safe measures to prevent this from happening again.


There haven’t been any deaths via teleport for hundreds of years and it is considered the safest way to travel (not to mention the fastest way!).


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