Gender – Male

Brief history – The Ziz live at extreme altitudes, which rise high above the clouds. Their cities would be impossible to reach for the other species if not for modern forms of transport. Ziz are reclusive and generally don’t migrate to other continents. They follow a caste system and mate for life. Ziz are considered to be peaceful and wise. They have the largest libraries in Heaven and are famous for their schools, universities and other places of learning.

Height – 4ft

Weight – 25kg

Age – 20

Skin tone – Mostly white with brown, tan, orange, grey, gold and yellow hues in intricate patterns. Reds used minimally, light blues and greens only used around face area. Female Ziz have pinks and purples around their face area instead of the blues and greens.

Skin texture – Hardened and leathery.

Wings – Same as a bat. I’ve considered feather wings and it just causes problems with other parts of the story so I’ve decided to go with bat wings instead, minus the claws/hooks. Long, strong bones that extend outwards from the spine with leathery skin that expands across it.

Hair – Nil. Ziz are completely hairless. Their individuality is shown through their colours and striking patterns on their leathery bodies.

Eyes – Round. Tawny green with gold flecks – like an eagle. Eyes that can see for miles.

Mouth – In order to ensure that it won’t look odd for the various species to communicate with one another, I’d prefer to keep all their mouths shaped like that of a human. It’s a small mouth.

Ears – No external ears are visible.

Nose – Their faces are angled inwards. A Ziz’s nose is a triangular shape with small nostrils level with its cheek bones. As they fly at great speeds, it’s important that the face takes on a bird like appearance for aerodynamics. It’s not a beak though, more like a bone plate. When I think of the shape, Voldemort from Harry Potter comes to mind – but more protruding and triangular.

Demeanour – majestic.

Body – very thin and light weight. Ziz have short legs. Their feet are bony with thick claws instead of toenails. They only have four toes at the front and one toe at the rear, which is opposable – like a thumb. This allows the Ziz to land on branches, like a bird. The arms of a Ziz are very similar to a humans, except they have claws instead of nails on their fingertips. The claws have been filed back, a sign that the Ziz prefer their academic pursuits over their need for claws. They have wiry frames with lean muscle.

Clothing – tight clothing, nothing loose. Lots of zips, no buttons. Ziz cover up their genitalia but wear minimal clothing as it impedes with their ability to fly. Ziz also do not wear shoes but will wear leather to help protect their bodies from insects and foul weather.

Accessories – All Ziz wear a wristband (like a watch) that acts as a GPS, communications device, altitude reader and is capable of video conferencing. They carry pistol crossbows with arms that fold inwards. The bolt quiver contains bolts dipped in various poisons.

Resembles – Smaller, thinner, more colourful gargoyles with angular human heads.

Inspirations – Gargoyles, traditional angels, pterodactyls, birds of prey, Voldemort, bats, phoenix, Hawkman, Birdman, Batman.


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